Founded in 1997 by Micah D. Allen, Micahsoft began doing business in Texas’ DFW
metroplex by developing Inventory Control Database Systems for local business. The
demand for other types of integrated systems was soon realized and Micahsoft began
developing customized components unique to each business environment.

This need led to Micahsoft’s Universal Data System philosophy and concept.

In 1999, Mr. Allen formed a business partnership with Melva Thorpe and incorporated
Micahsoft as a privately held corporation. Soon thereafter, Micahsoft, Inc. expanded to serve
business as well as government agencies in the South, Southwest, and Midwest states.

Mr. Allen partnered with a Micahsoft affiliate and developed one of the first and most
successful Telemarketer No Call systems in the nation for the Attorney General’s Office of
Missouri. The success and recognition of this system resulted in the procurement of
Micahsoft by other states.

Ten years later, Micahsoft continues to develop automated information management
systems utilizing the Microsoft Office platform for both corporate and government agencies
around the country.

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