Micahsoft carries a full line of dynamically coded data models that can be customized for each
client.  These components can be integrated into the client site to work as stand alone
client-server systems or with legacy data systems and enterprise systems such as SQL
Server, AS400, MySQL, and many more!
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The Micahsoft Corporation
  • People, Contacts, and Correspondence
  • Products, Orders and Shipments (Inventory Control)
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Accounting and Budgeting
  • Human Resources
  • Work Activities, Fixed Assets, and Timekeeping
Each of these standard data models can be customized and integrated into a fully scalable
application to fit your specific business needs.  Additionally, Micahsoft has designed dynamic
functions that utilize the Microsoft Office applications to present your data in a variety of
formats as follows:
  • Customizable Automated Summary and Statistical reports via Access, Word, Excel.
  • Data merge functions for generating single and batch documents via MS Word.
  • Document Management functions that allow for Office documents to be catalogued to
    their respective data records and accessed via hyperlink.
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We carry a line of standard data models that can be customized for your organization: